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Look at our Most Recent Testimonials!  Thank You to All that have Commented!

Hi Rhona!

I received your evil eye bracelet and I absolutely love it!  Iíve already gotten many compliments on it, and will be ordering more soon!  My mom simply adores it as we love sparkly bracelets, necklaces and rings! Keep up the great work!

Ellen  Levinas ~  www.thesamplebag.com ~ May 8, 2009

I purchased a Hanging Rose Flower Heart Watch with small rose beads in between the clear crystals and a Crystal Eyeglass Holder with small rose beads in between the clear crystals. I wore it to a party and everyone complimented me and now I am giving you some orders. They said the Swarovski crystals were shining like diamonds that they gave off a rainbow effect.
Christine Cillo ~ May 2, 2009

I purchased a bridal necklace set for my wedding. People could not get over how beautiful it was. The  Swarovski rondelles were just as sparkly as the crystals. All night I was getting compliments because I was really shining and gleaming all over. The Bridesmaids also wore these bridal necklaces in Peridot and were all so happy to be wearing such elegant jewelry.
Susan Applebaum ~ April 16, 2009,

I have been buying these Swarovski sets and am very happy with whatever I have purchased. When you wear these crystals people really notice you more because you are shining like diamonds and in the sun it even shines more. I am purchasing the set called No Swirl Set. This set is the only one that I do not have. I even buy the fancy bracelets with hearts and the anklets.
Andrea Smith ~ April 1, 2009

I purchased the Butterfly necklace, bracelet, earrings and anklets and they come in such pretty colors that now I must buy the pink one in clear crystals. This is Swarovski butterflies and it is so original that I went into a Swarovski store and when I told them that it was Swarovski they could not believe it because they do not get anything at all that comes close to this. You are getting this jewelry at a reasonable price and even getting a free matching piece of jewelry.
Betty Soloway  ~ March, 2009


I purchased the watches and now I bought the watch with Swarovski  crystal turtles. It is so original and everywhere I go people stop and remark on how beautifully designed it is. It shines and glitters with the crystal beads in between the turtles.
Marlene Davidson ~ March, 2009

For Mother's Day I purchased the Swarovski heart sets with the heart bracelet. I made my mother so happy. Her hand was shining like never before. I made more purchases of these hearts because her friends wanted it.
Diane Landy~ May 1, 2009

I could not get over the beautiful Circle of Life. It was so originally and cleverly done. I wore it and so many people in a restaurant kept complimenting me on that sparkling jewelry. Gentlemen complimented me then I really knew it was extra special. I loved it so much that now I am going to buy the Circle of Life in black.
Lillian Borenheim ~April, 2009

I purchased the Evil Eye Set for my granddaughter. She was so happy with it that now I have to order some other bracelets for her. What is good that Rhona's Creations will make any bracelet for any size wrist. I purchased a bracelet with sterling silver swirls for my 4 year old niece and I know she will enjoy it because I have ordered before for my youngest granddaughter.
Frances Silverman~ March, 2009

I have a hair salon and purchased a lot of Rhona's Creations jewelry and I have no trouble selling such smartly designed jewelry. The women especially love the anklets. They love how it fits on their leg and how it is always sparkling especially in the sun. They buy them in all the colors, they also like the Swarovski Collection of Butterflies ,Hearts ,Evil Eyes and Fancy Bracelets, and the matching rings which are very creative.

Barbara Rushman  ~ March, 2009

I own a Bridal Shop and I have sold so many bridal sets. The women love how the hoop earrings and long earrings fit. They see how they give off these beautiful prisms in the Swarovski rondelles that are used in between each bead. They also like the choice of different color beads.
Betty Bosch ~  March, 2009

I purchased the Swirl Set in the new colors padparadscha (orange) and that really was striking. Another great color that I bought was Light Colorado Topaz and Golden Shadow. The quality of Swarovski crystals actually catches peoples  attention!
Caroline Davies. ~  March, 2009

(A) Crystal Swirl Set-
(A) Crystal Swirl Set

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